Trailhounds looking for loving homes

We have a number of trailhounds available for rehoming. Below are listed a few of them. Please email Eileen Robinson, our homing and welfare co-ordinator, at eileenrobinson01@gmail.com or ring her on 01995 643351 for more details about hounds available for adoption. More contact details here. We are able to supply a full history with all the hounds that we rehome, e.g whether they have lived with children, cats, other dogs etc. Hounds listed below are in rehoming centres throughout the country. If you would like to adopt a trailhound directly from Cumbria, please ring Eileen to discuss.

Canterbury Dogs Trust

Jack is an adorable 3 year old hound who came into Trailhound Welfare for rehoming. He is a stunning looking boy as well as having bags of personality. Jack stayed with us for a few days before moving down to Canterbury Dogs Trust on 21/04/14. Jack was clean in the house (although under supervision so it is a work in progress) and very quiet, calm and relaxed. He loved snuggling up on the sofa!  He got on very well with Lotty & Woody and all dogs that he met. He does not pull on the lead even when he went on a fell walk with 6 other hounds who were off lead.

As with all hounds that come in for homing, when walked in open fields, he was on a long lead and a harness, but was responding very well to recall whilst on the long lead, and offlead in a secure field. Jack quickly learned to sit on request. He loves his food, which will help with his training. New owners will need to commit to keeping him safe on a lead until he properly understands recall as his old owners said they thought he would go off after a scent if given the chance.

Jack has a lovely gentle nature and will make a wonderful companion. Click HERE TO SEE JACK ON YOUTUBE

Please ring Canterbury Dogs Trust with enquiries. Their homing policies and criteria apply.

Dogs Trust, Leeds

Dan is a lovely 4 year old hound who has come in for rehoming. He is a lovely, friendly hound who gets on with dogs and has lived with children. He loves cuddling up on the sofa with you.  In general, his recall is very promising but, as with all our hounds, a new owner must keep their hound safe on a lead in unsecure areas, until they have done recall training. RESERVED
Please ring Leeds Dogs Trust with enquiries. Their homing policies and criteria apply.

Billy 8 year old boy

Billy is an 8 year old big softie who has retired from racing and is now looking for a comfy sofa to share.  He loves being made a fuss of and is always able to sniff out where the treats are hidden.  Billy responds to his name very well but suffers from the usual hound selective deafness if his nose has found something more interesting!  Billy has always been clean in his kennel and when he has stayed in the house in his crate so housetraining ought not to be too difficult.  Billy will need some lead training as he has a tendency to pull but he does get on well with other dogs.  He has never lived with cats so that area is an unknown but he is used to children and is very good at checking to make sure they have clean faces and hands after meals! Billy is currently with his owner in Cumbria. Please contact Eileen for more details.

Salisbury Dogs Trust

Sam, aged 3. (picture left) A lovely boy who has lost interest in racing. Sam is used to children. He is a little shy at first but soon comes out of his shell. He is very friendly with other dogs.

Meg, 5 year old girl, retired from racing. Meg is used to children and cats. She is a sweet little girl. MEG RESERVED

Please ring Salisbury Dogs Trust with enquiries. Their homing policies and criteria apply.

Zara, lovely young hound

Zara is a 14 month old “pocket rocket”. Given this name because of her small size and fast pace! Unfortunately Zara was not interested in trailing as she is too loyal and didn’t want to leave her owners side. Zara is an affectionate young lady who loves her cuddles and is great with children. Zara has never lived in the house so will need to be house trained, she has had no contact with cats either but she is such a delicate little sole I don’t see her having a problem with cats. Zara is very friendly and gets on well with other dogs. Zara is very loyal and currently can be walked through fields off lead with no danger of taking off, however IT IS IMPERATIVE that  new owners ensure they have spent time teaching recall and have built up a strong bond before they try her off the lead themselves.
Zara is very clever and can open certain types of doors by hooking her paws over them and pulling them down… She had her previous owners confused as they kept finding her in their living room having been left out in the garden!
Zara is a sweetheart and I’m sure will quickly settle into family life. Contact Eileen for more details.

Cal & Sol

2 lovely young boys, Cal (left) and Sol. They currently live together but will be homed separately. Both dogs have lovely natures and are very affectionate and love a cuddle. They get on great with other dogs, but have never been exposed to cats or children, as their owners have neither. They are  sure they would be great with children, although if the children were small they might knock them over as they sometimes jump up and put their paws on you for a cuddle. Currently living in Cumbria. Ring Eileen for more information.

Jimmy – lovely 3 year old seeks country home

Jimmy is very affectionate and loves cuddles, independent  and a little head strong,  he has done  so well in his short life. He was 3 years old on 23rd January .He likes his food, he likes apples as a treat. Jimmy would probably like a big garden in the country as he is not used to towns. He would probably be nice as a PAT dog and is very good with people and other dogs. Lives around  hens, next door has cats. He is of a calm disposition and we are very sorry to let him go but his racing career is over and  to be fair to him he deserves a nice home. Our vet said he will make a lovely pet for someone. Jimmy is living in Cumbria. If anyone would like to find out more about Jimmy, please ring Eileen.

Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter, Deblins Green, Malvern, Worcs

Didi (left, blue collar) is under a year old. He has come in for homing as he was just too playful to concentrate on following an aniseed trail! Didi is still a big puppy and will need an understanding home who has the time to spend training him. He will be a super companion to another dog as he loves everyone and everything.

Jude is an older lady, aged 6 years. She is a friendly hound who loves a cuddle.

Paddy (right) is a 5 year old hound who loves plenty of exercise (in between the cuddles, of course!).

Please contact WARS for more details.

Contact WARS for more details Tel: 01905 831651 WARS WEBSITE

Bentley at Beagle Welfare

Bentley is 9 months old. He is neutered, vaccinated and chipped. He is house trained. Bentley can be a bit destructive when left. He is not the type to try and escape. Good with other dogs. Will chase cats. Not been offlead so not trained to recall. No health problems. Being homed through no fault of his own.

Bentley is currently in a foster home in the North West. Contact Lesley Rootham at Beagle Welfare on 01239 698552.

Fionn, 2 year old looking for a special home

Fionn is a 2 year old Irish trailhound who has touched the hearts of thousands of people all over the world. He was found lying under rubbish in woodland just before Christmas with a cracked skull and defied all the odds by surviving his terrible injuries. Fionn has been nursed back to health (including having major brain surgery) by Cork Dog Action Welfare Group (Dawg). Here is what Cork DAWG have to say about him:

The time has come for our special boy ” Fionn” to find his forever home. Thousands of you have been following his story over the last few months. He has had a long journey but we feel he is now ready to be adopted. It has taken us a while to discover his personality and needs. Fionn needs a home where he will have company during the day as he gets stressed if left on his own, he loves his walks and will need a large garden that he can explore in.  He will cope fine being an only dog or with another female dog. We would like someone who is experienced with the breed if possible. Fionn loves his food and his home comforts. Whoever adopts our special boy will be very lucky and will have a faithful friend for life. If you think you can give Fionn the home he deserves please e-mail to info@dogactionwelfaregroup.ie   RESERVED

Please note that Fionn is NOT being homed by Trailhound Welfare. You will need to contact Cork DAWG directly for details about adopting Fionn.

Dogs Trust, Harefield, Uxbridge

No hounds at present
Please contact Harefield Dogs Trust direct. Their homing policies and criteria apply.

Dogs Trust, Loughborough, Leics

No hounds at present

Please ring Loughborough Dogs Trust with enquiries. Their homing policies and criteria apply.